- 17/01/14 Theatre de la fleuriaye-Nantes "GNOMORIA"

- 28/01/14 Lanillis " AVALONE"

01/02/14 nouvel an chinois-Quimper "AVALONE"
31/04/14 Chantepie "AVALONE"
-17/05/14 Genève "AVALONE"

-31/05/14 CHARTRES





14/07/14 quistinic "AVALONE

19/07/14 Chateau de la roche foucauld "AVALONE"
31/08/14 paimpont "AVALONE"

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Shows and Fire art

The Cercle de Feu Compagny is a gathering of frensh and internationals artists experts in fire dancing and juggling.

The shows are made from the fusion of old traditions and cultures as Chenese martial arts - kung fu, tai chi chuan -, Hindus martial arts - banethi -, an impressive fire dance, around 2000 years old, mixed with modern dance and juggling.

The fusion of those arts gave birth to a new way of performing with the fire in an impressive way. This style is served with the help of new technologie as pyrotechnie and computers, as well we use the LED technologie for indoor shows.

The music used in the shows are originals ones made especially for our shows or played by live musicians.
We used several kind of instruments as indian percussions (tabla and pakhawaj) other orientals percussion and flutes (bansuri,turkish nei,chenese flute) jew harps,as well we used to work with modern and electronic music.
The list of all the instruments we propose would be to long to descride here.

Our goal is to bring the fire art on his top level to give to poeple a unique and magical performances.

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